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_Who can participate?

Everybody! This Ideathon is for all our HoneyBadgers :)


_ What language will the competition be in?

The competition will be in English.  If you don't feel comfortable, please, talk to us. We have some ideas up our sleeve.


_ How do I know my team?

Thursday we will release the teams. We will send the information on our Slack channel. You can also check it here on our landing page.


_ Do we have to be with the camera on all day?

It is up to you and your team!

_ I am not a designer. How to prototype?

Don't worry, we will help you during the day. To start Ideathon, our designer Thiago Matsunaga will give a talk about  what is prototyping. Also, he will be our mentor and during the day will be available to help you prototype your idea.


_Which software will we use to prototype?

We are going to use Balsamiq. Check out how it works here.​ During the day, Thiago Matsunaga will be available to help you use it. 

_ Where is the Zoom link?

It'll be available at the home and footer here at the Ideathon Hub.


_ Will the sessions be recorded to watch later?



_ Where do I submit the final project?

You must send your project idea until June 21st 10pm BRT through this link.

_ Do you have tips for a good submission?

Yes! When submitting your project think about answering:

  • Why this idea is important

  • What is this idea

  • How many people (users) will be impacted by this

  • How much will this impact each person

​_ What do I have to prepare for the pitch?

Felipe Carvalho recorded a video with some tips for the pitch. Check it out.

Remember! You have 2 minutes to pitch your idea!

_ Who presents the idea and project?

You need to decide in your group who is going to pitch the idea.

_ When will the winners be announced and where?

The winners will be announced Monday 22nd


_ Where do I use my swag vouchers?

We have an online store with our Ideathon swag. Check it out here.

Brazilian Honeybadgers, you have a R$40,00 voucher. To buy your swag,  use the coupon #PipefyIdeathonbr

US, Pakistan and Egypt HoneyBadgers, you have a $25 voucher. To buy your swag, use the coupon #PipefyIdeathonwd


_ Where do I use my food voucher?​

  • Brazilian HoneyBadgers, you will receive a  R$50,00 ifood voucher to buy what you want to eat during the day. 

  • If your city doesn’t have Ifood, please, let Nathalia Campos know as soon as possible. She will add this value in your “VR/VA”.

  • US HoneyBadgers, you will receive a $30 Caviar voucher to buy what you want to eat during the day. You can login and ask what you want :).

  • If you are in a region that doesn’t have Caviar, you can ask for a reimbursement via Expensify.

  • Pakistan and Egypt HoneyBadgers: you will receive this voucher in your next monthly payment.

_ How are the teams formed?

We will separate the teams based on the ideas and make sure you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of Honeybadgers from different teams :) Stay tuned! Thursday we will release the groups!

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